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The Inner Journey:
The Book Which is Always There for You

Be touched by a curious act of inspiration and motivation. This book, designed and crafted as a work of art, will always be there for you.

The Inner Journey - The Book Which is Always There for You

Whenever challenging and difficult times happen, open the book and be moved by its positive and healing words, to help bring back calmness and clarity to any situation you are currently experiencing.

What people say about The Inner Journey:

Breath taking pictures on glossy paper. Inspiring texts, this book will inspire you.” – Kenneth De Waegenaere (verified owner)

“Beautiful inside and out like the author. This book is well made and thought put into every detail. I gave them as gifts to my sons as they started their adult lives. This book is a beautiful hug for your soul.” – Sue P. Stevenson (verified owner)

The Inner Journey: The Book Which is Always There for You – Inner Picture Stories - Jellis Vaes
“This book is very beautiful both on the outside and on the inside.” – René Petersen (verified owner)

So far, the book has received only positive reactions in the lives of those who have bought it. To order your copy and for more information, click the button below.


The IPS Journey’s

The IPS Journeys are mindful travel trips that will bring you more than just fond memories. Each journey takes you back to nature and the wilderness, combined with personal exploration. Currently, there are two IPS Journeys you can join.

The IPS Tribe Program – Finding a Path Through Suicidal Thoughts (3 Days)

It takes a brave person to face down his demons.

Being here shows that you are a person of courage looking to find a way out of this darkness.

This carefully crafted and well thought-out IPS Journey has been created and is conducted by the founder of Inner Picture Stories, Jellis Vaes, who had struggled with suicidal thoughts himself for six years.

In this IPS Journey, you will venture with a small group of three fellow comrades through the wilds of nature, while working and surviving together as a tribe.

Along that journey, you will be guided in finding a path through suicidal thoughts by learning practical tools, techniques, and teachings by someone who had successfully found his way through it.

Struggling with suicidal thoughts is a lonely battle. But there is no reason you must do it alone.

To check for available dates and for in-depth information about The IPS Tribe Program, click the button below.

Surviving the Wilds of Life – A Journey to Understanding Yourself (6 Days) (Coming Soon)


Retreat for a few days into the mountains and come back renewed.

This IPS Journey will take you on an adventure where you will gain a more precise understanding of who you are, how emotions work, how the mind works, how to find happiness, along with a deep dive into health and nutrition and many more things.

This IPS Journey touches upon life education—to provide you with a better quality of life while surrounded by gorgeous mountains and beautiful fellow souls.

“Surviving the Wilds of Life” is currently still being put together. If you like to stay up-to-date when more information is available, you can sign up for the IPS Newsletter where we will keep you posted.

Surviving The Wilds of Life

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