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Our uniquely designed t-shirts at The IPS Project are made from quality crafted fabric for extra comfort and durability.

When you purchase an IPS t-shirt, you directly change and affect the lives of others and this world. Part of the money goes directly to fund a good cause or foundation you personally get to choose.

Additionally, the IPS t-shirts look stunningly sexy. Especially on you.

Wear them on your life journey, wherever you may go.

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The Story Behind the Message:

Life would be meaningless if it were easy.

The struggle is the path to growth. And growth is what life is about. For growth leads to meaning. And meaning leads, eventually, to beauty.

Even if you are still on the path to understanding the message, remind yourself and those around you by wearing the wisdom that the “Life is a Beautiful Struggle” t-shirt design contains.

Be a messenger to show that you have struggled, and have found beauty.

Life is a Beautiful Struggle

What Makes the IPS T-Shirts So Unique and Different?

Life is a Beautiful Struggle

Wearing an IPS t-shirt makes you part of something bigger – a force of change, a beacon of light, a messenger of good.

Each t-shirt design holds a story and message of light waiting to be spread in your life and to those around you.

With each purchase, you can choose at the checkout counter the foundation that you would like to support where part of the money from your purchases will be sent.

The causes that these foundations support will vary, from the environment, animals, to those struggling with mental health, suicide, loneliness, and diseases such as cancer.

To go even further, each foundation has been handpicked by The IPS Project, and the founders have all been interviewed on The IPS Podcast so you can learn more about what each foundation is, gain insights into their wisdom, and their primary goal of why they do what they are doing.

Not Quite your Taste?

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