Jellis Vaes

Jellis Vaes

Hey! I am Jellis Vaes, a licensed trauma therapist, adventurer, and CEO/founder of The IPS Project, an educational platform on life.

The platform was formed out of my struggles with my own demons—loneliness and suicidal thoughts. In essence, I have created a platform I wish had existed when I was struggling with my problems.

On The IPS Project, you can find practical articles, online courses, events, a regular podcast, and other sources of knowledge about life topics such as mental health, relationships, the workings of the mind, etc.—topics most of us learn little to nothing about while growing up.

If you’d like to read the more in-depth story of why I created The IPS Project, have a look at the ABOUT page.

When I am not holding therapy sessions or working on The IPS Project, you’ll likely find me out in the mountains or traveling somewhere with my camera in hand. I am an avid adventurer firmly into alpinism, and a passionate travel & adventure photographer/videographer.


Currently, I am not accepting new clients. The moment I do, you will read about it here. However, so as not to keep you hanging, do have a look first at the courses I have created on The IPS Academy; there are also courses from our other professional instructors. You will very likely find an excellent course that will help you with what you are currently facing.

Courses Taught on The IPS Academy by Jellis Vaes:

Emotional Intelligence 101: Become the Master of Your Life

Learn about mental health, happiness, love, and much more. Start living a happier, healthier, and more meaningful life!

The ULTIMATE Productivity Course - GET THINGS DONE

A productivity course like no other. Learn the killers, tools, techniques, and a life-changing system, the Action Plan.

IPS Journey's Held by Jellis Vaes:

The IPS Tribe Program – Back to Basics (3 Days)

This IPS Journey takes you back to basics—where you will need to reconnect with yourself, the wilds of nature, and work closely with your fellow comrades to make it back alive.


Join Jellis Vaes and two other people for an EPIC guided climb of the Alpspitze. An impressive mountain located in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany.