Instructors – The IPS Academy

Meet our instructors at The IPS Academy. 

Meet our instructors at The IPS Academy. Each one is a trained professional in his or her field of expertise. To learn more about our instructors and see the online courses and individual coaching sessions they offer, check out their full bio.

Jellis Vaes

Jellis Vaes is a licensed trauma therapist, adventurer, and CEO/founder of The IPS Project.

Maria Zayani

Maria Zayani is a stress educator, yoga instructor, and founder of Varva Ner.

Kristina Paltén

Kristina Paltén is an ultra-runner, two-time world-record holder, and coach on achieving goals.

Richard Ayling

Richard Ayling is a transformational coach, international facilitator & speaker, and the founder of Re-Align.