The IPS Journey’s

The IPS Journey’s:
Mindful Travel Trips

The IPS Journeys are mindful travel trips that will bring you more than just fond memories.
Each journey takes you back to nature and the wilderness, combined with personal exploration.

The IPS Tribe Program – Back to Basics (3 Days)

This IPS Journey takes you back to basics—where you will need to reconnect with yourself, the wilds of nature, and work closely with your fellow comrades to make it back alive.

Along this journey, you will learn various survival skills, while also focusing on teachings about the power of the mind and living a more connected life.

This carefully crafted and well-thought-out IPS Journey has been created and is conducted by the founder of Inner Picture Stories, Jellis Vaes, who struggled with suicidal thoughts for six years and experienced for himself how the power of reconnecting with the wilds of nature and others, in an environment we once called home, can heal many wounds.

To check for available dates and for in-depth information about The IPS Tribe Program, click the button below.

Forest - The IPS Tribe - 3 Day Program - Inner Picture Stories

Surviving the Wilds of Life – A Journey to Understanding Yourself (6 Days) (Coming Soon)

Surviving The Wilds of Life

Retreat for a few days into the mountains and come back renewed.

This IPS Journey will take you on an adventure where you will gain a more precise understanding of who you are and how emotions work, along with a dive into health and nutrition.

The IPS Journey touches upon life education—providing you with a better quality of life while surrounded by gorgeous mountains and beautiful fellow souls.

“Surviving the Wilds of Life” is currently still being put together. If you would like to stay up-to-date when more information is available, you can sign up for the IPS Newsletter where we will keep you posted.